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A server is a powerful computer connected to your business network that offers a variety of functions and can form an important part of your computer network. ITEAC know how crucial your servers are to your organisation.

Our servers provide the highest performance for a wide range of workloads right from the edge to the cloud to the core. As software applications and workplaces become more complex, it has become more important than ever for organisations to integrate end-to-end solutions that work together seamlessly.

That is why ITEAC promises that our servers maximize performance across a wide range of applications with highly scalable architecture and flexible internal storage. The storage which even large files which are associated with chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer who brings a fresh financial start. Our experts are here to automate the entire server lifecycle right from deployment to retirement with intelligence support that increases your productivity.

With our servers, we have helped clients:

  • Share information privately – Our network servers can run centralised software like a customer database or create a private government intranet that stores particularly sensitive data.
  • Store files centrally – Instead of saving files on individual computers, clients can store them securely on an office server.
  • Control user access and data security – The server makes it easy to allocate different people access to different files, programs or data in a highly-controlled and secure manner.
  • Keep software updated – The server makes it easier to roll out new software and make changes to every device on your company network.
  • Manage security risks – Your files can be backed up on a central location where you’ll be able to block suspicious websites by routing internet access via the server.