Some of the vendors in the market have taken an innovative approach to provide a fully integrated engineering approach during the entire lifecycle of a process plant. They all involve creating and maintaining an Engineering Framework concept which combines both the point-to-point and centralized integration with distributed, data-warehoused integration of different plant engineering software that creates an ideal environment for engineering data management, change management, global plant data access, and reuse of data during the entire plant lifecycle.

At, ITEAC, we believe the Engineering Framework concept is the future of plant engineering software industry. We have developed our expertise in this technology and our highly professional experts will work with you to help you adopt this technology within your organization.

The Engineering Framework supports the modular integration of engineering tools associated with asset lifecycle of process plants, from initial concept to decommissioning. In particular, it addresses the flow of plant data as it moves from one engineering application to another through its lifecycle, using SmartPlant ® Foundation (SPF), an engineering data warehouse. SPF enables integration of the plant information asset by providing fundamental access, viewing, reporting, change management, workflow, and data/document management capabilities.

The Plant Engineering Framework architecture includes SPF, the data warehouse that acts as server and adapters for all the other engineering authoring applications such as SmartPlant ® P&ID, INtools ®, SmartPlant ® Electrical, SmartPlant ® 3D, and others. The Engineering Framework ® concept offers new ways to integrate multiple plant engineering applications allowing multi-application workflow, change management, globally controlled access to plant data, and plant-related drawing and document management. The adapters for third party plant engineering software vendors like Aspen Zyqad’s ® and soon to be released adapter for integration with SAP ® will be available from the respective vendors. Adapters for other products can be developed as needed in future.

We at ITEAC believe in taking modular approach to help you achieve your ultimate automation goals in phases. We will introduce engineering IT solutions in your organization in phases gradually taking you towards the fully integrated plant engineering Framework technology of future available today.