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Emergency Response Systems

ITEAC provides complete range of Mapping and GIS (Geographic Information System) solutions to fulfill all the mapping, geospatial analysis and visualization application requirements for Governments, Industrials, petrochemical process, power and telecommunications industry. More than 75% of the information handled in today’s industry is geographic by nature that involve geographic locations in some way or other. A Petrochemical process and manufacturing company has billions of dollars worth of assets spread physically over a large geographic area, where it must be managed, maintained and kept safe and secure in order to protect your investments.
ITEAC offers comprehensive turnkey Automated Mapping and GIS technology based solutions in the following areas that will help you manage your valuable assets as well as ensure their safety:

  • Emergency Response System – To quickly respond to emergency situations in the plants and minimize loss of property and life.
  • Facility Management System – To optimally manage the company assets including plants, facilities and other engineering infrastructure in
    order to gain maximum productivity.
  • Electric Utility Distribution Management System – To optimally manage the electric utility distribution network in order to provide
    highest level of uninterrupted power services.
  • Telecommunications Network Management System – To optimally manage the telecommunications network in order to provide highest level of
    uninterrupted telecommunication services.

ITEAC offers a complete turnkey solution for the design, development, implementation and deployment of an Emergency Response System (ERS) to protect your assets by helping to minimize the impact of an emergency situation in your plant and get it under control quickly with minimum loss of property and life. The ERS is based on Automated Mapping and GIS technology utilizing the industry standard GIS software from today’s leading vendors offering GIS software solutions such as ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcIMS, GeoMedia etc.
We take modular approach to all our Mapping & GIS Solutions. The ERS is divided into the following major modules that can be implemented in stages or all at once as per individual customer requirements:

  • Mapping Infrastructure Module – This module will set up the basic mapping infrastructure consisting of the following elements:
  • Base Map of the area where the plant is located Plant facilities, routes, location of exits, escape routes etc. as overlays on the base
  • Locations of Alarms and other warning devices geo-coded on the base map
  • Capability to enter, update, retrieve, display and print any of the above information
  • Locate & Warn Module – This module will utilize the built-in GIS geospatial capabilities to identify the location of the emergency situation on the map in control room, calculate the geographic extents of possible affected areas based on certain predefined algorithms and send out warning signals to these areas.
  • Respond & Dispatch Module – Once emergency is located and warning has been issued, this module will help the emergency personnel respond to the emergency situation by guiding operators in control room to dispatch the emergency vehicles and personnel to the site through the optimum route utilizing the following software technology: Vehicle Tracking using GPS and GPRS technologies
    Automatic route generation
    Mobile Computing
  • Evacuate Module – Once the emergency has been located, the facility must immediately be evacuated even before the emergency personnel are dispatched in order to eliminate or minimize loss of life. This module will assist the control room operators to display possible exits and escape routes which can be conveyed to the affected area in order to help people evacuate in an orderly fashion.