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ITEAC’s Industrial Infrastructure Division offers following services in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Process Plants, Power Plants, Telecommunications, Water treatment plants, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing industries:

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • Project Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Testing, laboratory and Analysis
  • Supply of Equipment, Instruments, Cables, pipelines and other industrial materials
  • High technology solutions to solve complex engineering problems.

Oil & Gas

  • Exploration & Production
  • Reservoir Simulation, Characterization & Development
  • Oil & Gas Facility Data Warehousing
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • Engineering Records Management Systems
  • Plant Operation & Maintenance
  • Instrumentation & Control Systems
  • Process Control Systems
  • Well log survey and operations
  • Geophysical studies for field development
  • Well servicing, optimization, enhanced oil & gas recovery

Petrochemical Process Plants

  • Plant Design Systems
  • Plant Operation & Maintenance
  • Plant Information Management Systems
  • Plant Engineering Data Warehousing
  • Process Control Systems
  • As-builting of Plant Records

Power Generation and Distribution

  • Power Plant Design, Engineering & Construction
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Power Plant operation & Maintenance
  • Supply of Power Plant Equipment
  • High Voltage Distribution System
  • Sub-Station Design, engineering & Construction
  • Power distribution systems


  • Network planning, design, Installation & maintenance
  • Supply of Telecom Equipment, Cables & other components
  • High technology Telecom solutions
  • Outside Plant Records management systems

Water Treatment Plants

  • Desalination Plants
  • Potable Storage and supply systems
  • Portable Water supply solutions

Transportation & Logistics

  • Highways, Roads
  • Bridges and Tunnels
  • Airports
  • Sea Ports
  • High Speed Train Systems
  • Light Rail Transit Systems


  • High technology Manufacturing solutions
  • CAD/CAM Systems
  • Manufacturing of specialized equipment
  • Manufacturing of Piping & related components
  • Supply of Machinery, Tools and raw materials

Current Business Activities:

  • Saudi Aramco: In oil & Gas exploration, production, operations and maintenance; plant construction, operations and maintenance, equipment supply, lab testing & analysis services, high technology solutions to complex industrial problems.
  • SABIC: Process plant operation and maintenance; design, engineering, procurement and construction; Lab Testing, analysis, supply of equipment, instrumentation, materials.
  • Other Petrochemical Industries: In Industrial city of Jubail & Yanbu, Jeddah, Rabigh etc.
  • Saudi Economic Cities: The non oil industries and manufacturing facilities in the six upcoming Saudi Economic cities.
  • Power and Telecommunications sector: Development, expansion, operations and maintenance, supply of equipment, materials.
  • Jubail Industrial city II Expansion project.