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ITEAC operates with market-leading technologies and processes that help our clients design, implement and manage data center solutions that meet business objectives, improve IT service management and enable high performance.

Government organisations and top companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia maintain IT as a strategic asset and consider managing IT operations as an integrated, service-oriented business. They offer ac installation services at To keep costs low, the transition to IT service management introduces the need to have greater IT flexibility, server and storage utilization, and cost variability.

Virtualization in technology promotes service distribution and automation meets these new requirements and facilitates the development of data centers. ITEAC provides faster, more responsive and more cost-effective data center capabilities such as:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Worldwide reach with a refined portfolio of products.
  • Customised communication solutions.
  • Strong relationships with technology providers
  • Deliver infrastructure technologies, as well as the supporting operational processes.
  • Deliver service-oriented solutions.
  • Tried-and-tested tools across the kingdom.
  • Deploy a variety of sourcing models to scale the data center infrastructure as required.