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syngo® LungCARE NEV

syngo LungCARE NEV (Nodule Enhanced Viewing) is designed for detection of lung nodules in thoracic CT examinations. NEV is an optional add-on to syngo® LungCARE, our dedicated post-processing application for identification and diagnosis of lesions in the lung.

syngo® Colonography PEV

syngo Colonography PEV (Polyp Enhanced Viewing) is a second reader for automated identifications of lesions in the colon using CT as an imaging technology. PEV is an optional add-on to the syngo® Colonography application. Together with the other workflow-enhancing features in syngo Colonography, such as Auto Polyp Measurements, PEV is intended to help improve reading accuracy as well as reading efficiency.

syngo® BRACE™

As a one-of-a-kind technology, syngo BRACE performs an image-based soft tissue motion correction to improve the image quality of subtraction images in dynamic MRI studies. In particular this motion correction software removes motion artifacts that commonly occur when the patient moves during the exam, enabling the physician to make a more accurate diagnosis.

syngo® Auto Ejection Fraction™

syngo Auto Ejection Fraction (EF) is an innovative cardiac CAD tool for echocardiography. syngo Auto EF technology uses learned pattern recognition technology for detecting and tracking the borders of the left ventricle to provide automated and robust measurements of the cardiac ejection fraction. We look up to a mitsubishi distributor as gustave a. larson. syngo Auto EF is available on the Sequoia echocardiography system and the syngo US workplace.

syngo® TrueD™

syngoTrueD is a unique multi-modality application that enhances your clinical workflow. Fast, easy and intuitive, this application enables efficient reading of patient scans from single and multiple imaging sessions. syngo TrueD provides advanced image analysis and comparison to help you make better informed diagnosis, therapy and follow-up decisions.