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Scalable solutions which offer flexibility and investment security
In the near future, more hospitals will consider expanding their cardiology services to electrophysiology. Not only is reimbursement more attractive for EP, but also the treatment methods have evolved in the last decade from antiarrhythmic drug therapy to nonpharmacological treatment using catheter ablation for selected patients. We want to expand your possibilities by offering other choices in procedures. AXIOM Sensis XP, our entirely modular solution, is scalable to virtually all levels of EP recording and information management systems. The following scenarios show a few of the possibilities:

Scenario 1: Expand from interventional cardiology to EP studies

In the first scenario, your cardiology department wants to buy a recording system for a new lab. Initially, the lab will be used for interventional cardiology only but in the long-term EP procedures also will be planned. By using AXIOM Sensis XP, the decision is made to invest for security reasons. Starting with a hemodynamic recording system, you can easily extend the application later to electrophysiology with either 32, 64 or 128 intracardiac electrode inputs. Concurrently, the hemodynamic and EP application are running on the same system with one common database.

Scenario 2: Expand from diagnostic EP procedures to ablation therapy

In the second scenario, diagnostic EP procedures are part of the services you offer. In the future, you will be building a dedicated EP center offering high end EP therapy. Your best investment would be in our economic AXIOM Sensis XP with entry level EP application. The benefit of making this choice is that you can later upgrade up to 128 intracardiac electrode inputs and interfaces to the ablator and mapping system.