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Our database services ensure that our clients’ databases are secured and monitored by establishing backup and recovery strategies, provide a secure database environment and monitor database performance.

ITEAC provides services with the standard database support package that includes:

  • Initial database software installation, including configuration and verification as required
  • Performance of regular backups to disk (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually) as requested by the client
  • Management and monitoring of disk space
  • Database restoration, as required
  • Rebuilding of database indexes, as demanded
  • Quick response to alerts and customer issues as defined by the level of customer support

Oracle database 11g

ITEAC offers a database package from Oracle’s Database 11g, which is the foundation of the vendor’s dynamically-allocated computing grids and should catch the attention of database managers with its improved management, recovery and table compression capabilities. Database 11g also takes much of the guesswork out of advanced database tuning.

Oracle Database 11g extends Oracle’s unique ability in delivering the benefits of grid computing with more self-management and automation, making it easier for customers to:

  • Innovate faster with confidence using Real Application Testing.
  • Manage more data for less with advanced table partitioning and compression.
  • Securely protect data and enable compliance with total recall of data.
  • Integrate 3D spatial and rich media content into business processes.
  • Gartner 2006 Report: Oracle is the #1 Database with 47.1% Market Share.
  • IDC: Oracle is the Data Warehouse Market Leader.
  • Oracle holds world record benchmark results on Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers.
  • Oracle is #1 one on Linux with more than 80% market share and the industry’s lowest ever transaction cost.
  • Lower operating cost versus IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.