The 90’s saw the development of integrated Plant Engineering Information management systems offered by many engineering software vendors. These systems revolutionized the management of engineering information in all phases of plant lifecycle including design, construction, hand over, operation and maintenance. ITEAC provides full range of services to help you fully utilize PIMS technology to improve your plant operation and maintenance activities. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Implementation of Plant Information Management System, including:
  • SmartPlant ® Foundation
  • Vantage ® PDMS
  • Convert your current legacy EDMS to PIMS · Data conversion and uploading of legacy data into PIMS

PIMS gave a new dimension to the conventional EDMS’s by providing additional capabilities of managing the detailed engineering information of plant items that appear on the drawings. Unique tag numbers are used to link all the information and the associated drawings and documents for each item within a drawing. ITEAC will help you maintain a centralized engineering data repository of all the plant items and an integrated workbench with configurable workflow-based applications to deliver an environment for creation, modification and reporting of all engineering data and associated drawings and documents during the entire plant life-cycle. These systems are primarily data-centric systems as opposed to the document-centric EDMS’s, providing powerful capabilities to input, store, manage, manipulate, retrieve and display different types of information about each equipment, instrument and pipe segments in the plant.