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Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 Server

This high-end powerhouse server delivers the best of SPARC/Solaris OS computing for virtualization and consolidation projects in the datacenter. It delivers SPARC/Solaris processing with mainframe-class features and data center reliability for the open systems market. Now you can leverage Sun SPARC server quality and Solaris 10 OS power to deliver 24/7 mission critical services, and take advantage of the industry leading virtualization capabilities.

The Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000, using Sun Studio 12, topped the 1 TFLOP barrier, delivering a score of 1.032 TFLOPS on the Linpack benchmark (Highly Parallel Computing). This out-performs the best published single system from IBM p5 595 (1.9GHz POWER5) by over 2X and tops the high end single system Itanium 2 based box from HP (Superdome, by nearly 38%.



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