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  Portable Digital X-Ray Inspection Systems  

SAIC's RTR-4® X-ray imaging systems are fully portable and compact, designed to rapidly perform X-ray based inspections in the field. The RTR-4N™ configuration consists of a portable X-ray source, an integrated digital imager, and powerful notebook computer. It is used for both Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Non-Destructive Inspection applications.

RTR-4 systems are the only fully-digital portable X-ray systems with ground level imaging available to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) professionals, meeting the intended purpose of enhancing the safety margin for EOD technicians and innocent civilians. 

The RTR-4N imaging system with its optional integrated wireless feature is the world's most popular portable digital x-ray system, and provides the ability to quickly and efficiently search for weapons, drugs, and contraband in areas too difficult or time-consuming to search by hand. 


The RTR-4N digital X-ray system is compact, rugged, and portable, which allows it to be useful in a number of scenarios. 
A few examples of RTR-4 applications include:

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) evaluation and disposal. Bomb technicians from a variety of law enforcement, military, and airport security organizations use RTR-4 systems to investigate suspicious packages for the presence of IEDs. 

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) disposal personnel employ the RTR-4N system with Large Area Imager to evaluate unexploded ordnance and determine fusing condition. Mail and package evaluation in a mailroom scenario, as well as point-of-entry examination of personal belongings at special events. 

Customs personnel utilize the RTR-4N system to x-ray and investigate private vehicles and other odd-shaped objects not appropriate for an x-ray baggage scanner. Non-Destructive Evaluation/Testing/Inspection (NDE/NDT/NDI) for process control of component assembly, honeycomb aerospace structures and wood building structures. 


Portable Notebook Control Unit: The lightweight and powerful notebook computer possesses all the capabilities necessary to acquire and process images, enabling rapid threat assessment. 
Powerful and Fast Processor: Notebook computer with Pentium® IV processor provides rapid processing of acquired data. 
Large Display for Image Evaluation: The notebook computer display is large, with additional pixels to allow easy image evaluation and enhancement. 
Image Analysis Software: Software includes full image analysis methods, such as smoothing, contrast stretch, subtracting, embossing, etc. 
High-Capacity Hard Disk, Increased Memory, Built-in CD/RW and USB Ports: Some of the many notebook features that increase the effectiveness and productivity of the user. 
Single Case for Transport and Storage: All components are conveniently stored in one hardened foam-lined case for easy, safe, efficient transport and storage. 
Wireless Capability: A new integrated wireless option provides a digital and encrypted wireless connection from the Control Unit to the Imager and X-Ray Source with no add-on boxes. The operator, as well as other personnel and property, remain a safe distance from the potentially dangerous item being evaluated. 
Upgrades: Several available options allow easy upgrade from the RTR-4/ARS system to the RTR-4N Notebook computer based system, creating an all-in-one case design. 


The RTR-4N system is a small, lightweight, and durable portable x-ray imaging system that produces better image quality, less noise, and more contrast than typical analog systems. The RTR-4N system's digital transmission means no image degradation. The RTR-4N system operates without film— images are instantly displayed and can be saved in an industry-standard format.Data is immediately available after the X-ray image is acquired and can be processed and reviewed as the inspection is being completed.

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