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  Petro Chemical  
Chemical & Petrochemical 
ITEAC has four segments:
  1. Petrochemicals
  2. Fertilizers
  3. Inorganic chemicals
  4. Specialty and fine chemicals 

Petrochemicals is the largest of these segments. It benefits from an abundant, competitively priced supply of hydrocarbon feedstocks. Over half of Canada's petrochemical capacity is located in Alberta. 

Petrochemical production is primarily ethane based. Ethane is a component of natural gas. It contains two carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms per molecule. Ethane is converted to ethylene by cracking. The result is two carbon atoms with a double bond and four hydrogen atoms per molecule. Ethylene is used as a building block to make plastics, antifreeze, film, fibers, and other products.

Natural gas is used as a fuel for petrochemical production, as well as a feedstock for fertilizer and methanol production. The chemical sector consumes 40% of the natural gas used in Alberta. This equals six percent of all the natural gas produced in the province, including the ethane used as feedstock.

The petrochemical industry in Alberta continues to grow. The Alberta ind?????ustry is competitive worldwide and enjoys higher labour productivity than the U.S.A. A recently constructed ethylene cracker owned by NOVA Chemicals and Dow Chemical at Joffre is the largest single ethane based cracker in the world. This site with its two existing crackers has the highest capacity of any ethylene production site in the world. The second largest ethane based cracker in the world is the Dow Chemical cracker at Fort Saskatchewan.

Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES)

Materials Tested (Analyzed):

• Aluminum Alloys
• Carbon, Low Alloy & Stainless Steels
• Carbon & Sulphur by Combustion
• Cast Iron
• Cobalt Alloys
• Copper Alloys
• Gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen, & Hydrogen)
• Industrial Water and Process Solutions
• Jewelry and Dental Alloys
• Lead Testing in Consumer Products
• Magnesium Alloys
• Nickel Alloys
• Powdered Metal
• Superalloys
• Titanium Alloys
• Tool Steels
• Weld Metals
• Unknown Alloy Identification
• Zinc Alloys

inductively coupled plasma (ICP)

Chemistry Lab Capabilities:

• Material Certification
• Unknown Material Identification
• Trace Element Analysis
• Oil, Powdered Metal, & Chips/Shavings Analysis
• Solder Alloys (Tin/Lead)
• Quantitative & Semi-Quantitative Analyses
• Density of Powdered Metals
• Unknown Alloy Identification
• Plating and Plating Solution Analysis
• Glass Analysis
• On Site PMI
• Coating Identification
• Coating Weights
• Particle Size Analyzer

Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption (GFAA)
Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzers


• Three Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectrometers
• Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption (GFAA)
• Two Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES)
• pH/ISE
• Ion Chromatograph
• Agilent GC/MS
• Dedicated SEM/EDS
• Portable Spectrometer
• Microtrak Particle Size Analyzer

Chip on Circuit Board with
Solder Joint Highlighted 


• Cross sectional analysis
• Photomicrographs
• Failure mode & defect analysis
• Adhesion/bond strength
• DPA Destructive physical analysis
• Packaging problems
• Shear strength
• Plating thickness
• Conductivity & resistivity
• Thermal cycling
• Visual inspections
• SEM/EDS and FTIR analysis
• Contamination analysis
• Wire bond pull tests
• Silicon wafer defects
• Strain gaging
• Steam aging
• Solderability testing
• Thermal cycling
• Peel testing
• Tensile testing
• Dimensional verification
• Passive component failure

Etched Solder Joint
Etched Solder Joint
Copper/Solder Bond Highlighted
Intermetallic Layer
Intermetallic Layer Between Solder & Copper 
job and tasks screens

Key Features:

• Sample Log-in
• Customer and Vendor Database Management
• Export directly to MS Word/Excel
• Multi-department/multi-task tracking
• Project delivery tracking
• Maintenance & calibration scheduling
• Complete customization to your operation

Quote screen


• Manage client data easily and efficiently
• Create reminders that will automatically print out every time you log in a new job for that client
• Export data into other MS Office programs
• Save time by selecting templates that hold common information for repeat clients or repeat tests
• Add barcoding to reduce log-in time even further
• Email/fax confirmation of receipts directly from MATware
• Print a traveler and labels for sample identification
• Analyze workload - view workload by user, job, or machine
• Maximize efficiency
• Sort and view work in progress by multiple criteria simultaneously
• View up to the minute status of work in progress
• Create quotes quickly and accurately by selecting templates that hold common information for repeat clients or repeat tests
• Email quotes directly from MATware
• Estimate project time
• Monitor and track equipment maintenance and calibration
• Access procedures, forms, and datasheets at your desk
• Maintain control of specifications and other controlled documents

calibration summary and detail screens

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