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ITEAC scope of supply:

  • engineering, manufacturing and supply of four VSDS systems as a gas turbine starter/helper VSDS.converter transformers.
  • containerized LCI frequency converters.
  • synchronous motors and auxiliaries.
  • tandem-casing BOG compressor type STC-SH (12-6-A) + STC-SV (10-7-A), the world’s largest BOG single shaft compressor at time of order.
  • The world's largest variable speed drive systems (VSDS) rated 65 MW at 3600 rpm for the pre-cooling and sub-cooling compressors.
  • vsds-driven compressor string for the methane mix train.
  • 32-MW VSDS for the liquefication compressor;
  • CO2 re-injection compressor.
  • harmonic study.
  • load commutated inverter (LCI) frequency converter units, drive control and fault diagnosis systems;
  • transformers;
  • containerized harmonic filters;
  • converter cooling systems and auxiliary equipment.



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