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Office Standard 2007

When planning the release of the 2007 Microsoft Office system we took on the challenge of making the core Microsoft Office applications easier to work with. 

Taking into account extensive usability data and recent advancements in hardware and software, the team has delivered the most significant update to the Microsoft Office user interface in more than a decade. 

The result of these efforts is the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface — a user interface that makes it easier for people to get more out of Microsoft Office applications so they can deliver better results faster.

Microsoft Office Word 2007, Office Excel 2007, Office PowerPoint 2007, Office Outlook 2007, and Office Access 2007 will feature a streamlined, uncluttered workspace that minimizes distraction and enables people to achieve the results they want more quickly and easily.

2007 Microsoft Office system solutions for IT Professionals

The 2007 Microsoft Office suite is a fully integrated set of productivity programs that enables you to provide your business with a more secure and efficient everyday experience, while reducing the burden of deploying, managing, and supporting your organization's desktops.

·         Streamline deployment and management. The new tools in the 2007 Microsoft Office system help accelerate your ability to plan migrations and execute deployments while simplifying the tasks associated with managing your organization's desktops. 

·         Increased security and control. The 2007 Microsoft Office system is more secure by default — providing you with the control to protect your company's assets and the ability to effectively manage increasing demand for compliance standards. 

·         Improved user experience and support. The Microsoft Office Fluent user interface in the 2007 Microsoft Office system minimizes training and support demands by providing end-users with significantly improved help capabilities, self-service tools, and a highly intuitive experience. 



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