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  Intrusion Detection Systems  
An intrusion detection system that comprises a transmission line for RF energy, a transmitter coupled to one end of the transmission line to supply pulses of RF energy into the line, and a range gated doppler receiver for receiving RF energy from the other end of the transmission line. 

The receiver includes means for producing a detection signal indicating the presence of doppler components in a range gated portion of the RF energy received from the transmission line. 

Iteac Security designs, manufactures and markets customized perimeter security systems that detect, deter, delay, assess and respond to intrusions or escapes. 

These systems are recommended for:
  • Correctional or prison facilities 
  • Government or military installations 
  • Utility companies 
  • Industrial/commercial property 
  • Airports, marinas, auto dealerships 
  • Municipalities 
  • Ports/Refineries 
  • Transportation hubs 
Iteac Security simplifies intrusion detection and perimeter protection with two innovative solutions for today’s heightened security challenges. 

The Guard Tower® matrix wire array system is the ultimate choice for an integrated, multi-mode sensor barrier that accurately pinpoints intrusions to within 10-feet.

The Induced Pulse® anti-penetration system is an affordable, high-security non-lethal electric fence (NLEF) that effectively deters intrusions with a short, safe shock. 

With their versatile designs, the Guard Tower® matrix wire array and the Induced Pulse® anti-penetration system are ideal for a wide range of perimeter security applications as well as a wide range of budgets.



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