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  Homeland Security & Safety Solutions  

This division is responsible for providing high technology systems, solutions and services in National and Industrial security and safety areas, including fully integrated security/safety solutions for industrial/commercial/residential facilities utilizing , Command and Control centers, CCTV monitoring, Access Control systems, RFID, Biometrics, Intrusion detection, explosives and chemicals detection, risk mitigation for any natural or deliberate disasters, emergency planning, management and actions.

  • National/Homeland security and safety.
  • Industrial Security & Safety.
  • Urban Security & Safety.
  • Commercial Security & Safety.
  • Emergency planning & management.
  • Hazardous materials management.
  • Safety, security & monitoring of underground utilities & facilities.
  • Pipeline safety, security, maintenance & monitoring operations.
  • HAZOP studies, reporting & management in petrochemical plants.
  • Transportation and storage of Hazardous materials.
  • Disaster planning & recovery operations.
  • Restricted access planning, management and operations.
  • ID systems, Smart Cards & personal authentications.
  • Fraud detection & prevention.
  • Environmental safety monitoring, detection and prevention.
  • Major events safety, security & emergency planning & management.
  • Crowd management, planning and Control.
  • Hajj security/safety operations.
  • Security/safety of Holy Mosques.
  • Medical facility safety, security & emergency planning & management.
  • Monitoring & Controlling spreading of contagious diseases & epidemics.
  • Transportation safety & security: highways, rail, air, airports, seaports.
  • Electronic/Computer/Data/Network safety, security & recovery of highly sensitive national databases/networks and command centers.

    We believe we have a unique position in the local market as the only local company with comprehensive integrated high technology-based security/safety solutions in GCC with excellent future prospects for growth.

Current Business Activities:

  • Ministry of Interior (MOI): Country-wide Integrated Security Solution; Central Command Center and regional command centers in respective government as well as private jurisdictions.
  • Kuwait Oil Company (KOC): Corporate wide Integrated Security and safety solutions for the entire company’s industrial, commercial and residential infrastructure.
  • Saudi Aramco: Fully integrated security/safety/emergency solution for all the Industrial/commercial/residential facilities of Saudi Aramco.
  • Royal Palaces: Integrated security/safety solution for all the palaces in the Kingdom.
  • New Jeddah Airport Security system.

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