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  Explosive detection Systems  
Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) is a demanding and critical security link in today’s airports. 

HBS systems must combine superior detection, low false alarm rates, and excellent dependability. 
Security professionals require a technology partner that can exceed their needs today, anticipate their requirements in the future, and deliver a comprehensive solution package that not only includes state-of-the-art HBS systems, but the consultation and support that only Rapiscan Systems can provide.
The Rapiscan MVXR5000 multi-view (5-view) high quality, dual energy X-ray images enable the advanced automated explosives detection algorithms to provide exceptionally high levels of detection with class leading image quality and low false alarm rates. 
L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems -  X-ray Security Screening Systems

L-3 Security & Detection Systems, Inc, the world's leading supplier of x-ray security screening systems, offers a broad array of products to the aviation, transportation, and public building security markets. 
We proudly boast over 18,000 systems in operation worldwide, screening packages for explosives, firearms, contraband, and drugs in the vast majority of all commercial airports, jails, postal facilities and government buildings.

L-3 offers four major product lines: conventional x-ray; automated Explosive Detection Systems (EDS); FAA certified detection systems; and cargo x-ray imaging solutions. 
Each product line relies on state-of-the-art, patented x-ray technology.
Our conventional screening systems are ideal for use with an operator at checkpoints and where hand carry baggage inspection is required. 
The PX-M provides superior image resolution for high confidence detection applications. 
The 606mm (24in) wide by 506mm (20in) high tunnel opening was specifically designed to allow common travel items such as infant/child safety seats, carry-on luggage, and packages to be easily scanned. 
The system's durable steel frame and body panels stand up to the shock and abuse often encountered in high traffic applications.

With the use of L-3's cargo x-ray systems, rapid inspection of incoming goods without the need for a manual search can be easily accomplished. 
Consignments are checked against their manifest paperwork in minutes instead of hours. 
With unparalleled image detail, one can detect even small items in large, densely packed containers or vehicles. 
L-3 has a complete range of solutions to offer, from rapidly deployable mobile systems to high-throughput, high-penetration fixed systems. 
Rather than just promoting a single solution, L-3 is best equipped to assist potential users in identifying and analyzing the trade-offs required to arrive at the most cost-effective solution for their needs.

The eXaminer 3DX® 6000 has an exclusive multi-slice CT design that measures and assesses the material properties, maximizing explosive detection while minimizing false alarm errors for a better detection capability. 
The eXaminer requires minimal floor space, standard electrical power, and is easily installed in a baggage room or airport lobby. 
The eXaminer 3DX® 6000 meets or exceeds all of the stringent requirements for post 9/11 FAA certification and the exacting safety and environmental standards International CE testing agencies for x-ray-based systems.

Offering complete solutions for all levels of screening, our systems are accepted for use by the Aviation Administration and Department of Transport. 
With hold baggage screening systems have more than 14 years of experience in system integration, L-3 is dedicated to developing and supporting the world's most advanced automated explosives detection equipment. 
The Vivid VIS108 is a high-speed automated inline explosives detection system specifically designed to meet the needs of multilevel hold baggage screening. 
The Vivid VIS108 provides high throughput, proved ease of integration, and outstanding reliability with a tunnel opening large enough for even oversized baggage. 
The Vivid VIS108 system is particularly well suited for airports, transportation operations and customs facilities where high speed processing of large baggage, packages, and other item is required.

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