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Security Operations Experience

  • Police operations planning & management
  • Counter-terrorism, rescue operations, vital installation protection, bomb management, dignitary protection  & recovery operations
  • Surveillance operations, systems, and equipment
  • Incident Management & Crisis Response (IMCR)
  • Security, surveillance, weapons systems, radar, sensors and platforms
  • Risk Assessment & mitigation strategies
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Security Related Project Experience

  • Program / project management of complex technology and capability development projects
  • Road & traffic management
  • Procurement management
  • Capability development
  • Systems engineering
  • Technology analysis
  • Requirements definition
  • Functional and technical specification development
  • Tender management
  • Commercial document development, such as pre-qualification, RFP, RFT, ITT documentation.

Assisting Corporations with Capability Development Consulting 
Many governments are often unable to achieve the full value of the major investment they make in developing new or upgraded specialist capabilities. For example, acquisition of a new Helicopter Law Enforcement Service involves far more than purchasing helicopters and recruiting pilots. Some important additional considerations include: 

  • Strategic long and medium-term planning
  • Legislation
  • Policies, plans, and procedures
  • Integrated command and control
  • Integration to legacy systems
  • Resource demand management plans
  • Training plans and course development
  • Human resource development
  • Total Asset Life Cycle Integrated Logistics Support
  • Maintenance management systems  
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Communication and video surveillance systems

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