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CCTV Video Surveillance is an extremely valuable and economical means of improving the security of people, buildings and valuables. With a video surveillance system, you are always in the picture - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And you don’t even have to sit in front of a TV screen. As soon as an unusual incident occurs, an appropriate signal is automatically transmitted to a predetermined location (e.g. to a Command center or a mobile phone). Appropriate steps can then be taken immediately to minimize damage. We offer full turnkey solutions:

  • Wide range of Fixed CCTV cameras, Dome Cameras with full pan-and-tilt, Auto-focus, Vari-focal & Mono-focal Speed Dome; Analog, IP Hybrid; Day-night; Vandal resistant; Weather proof; Infra-Red Lighting.
  • Interactive Video Management Software; Embedded real-time video analysis; Outdoor motion detection and tracking; DVR Remote access option; Remote keyboard.
  • Digital video recording; Hybrid video recorders; Real-time video Codec; Multi video, multi camera input; full PTZ control; export via DVD writer; IVM connection; web-based control; multi-client/multi-server access.


Airport operators distinguish themselves in terms of security, comfort and profitability with building services .


An airport has to be able to respond rapidly and precisely to new challenges - now and in the future. For example, the flow of people and goods has to be speeded up or the security of passengers, freight and baggage improved. Airport operators are also expected to satisfy continually rising standards of comfort in an environment of intensifying competitive pressure. We respond to these conflicting objectives with technological solutions and thoroughly developed concepts.


Our security systems reduce the personnel effort involved in surveillance, prevent long waiting times at security checks and convey a feeling of safety. What is more, our deception-proof fire protection installations reliably prevent costly interruptions to operations. The potential economies offered by our Energy Services create capacity for investment. The result is that frequent flyers prefer to use secure, comfortable and efficient airports. Which in turn is also likely to boost the profitability of the businesses and restaurants operating in the airport.


Airports small and large throughout the world have been going for our proven solutions in a big way for many years. Each and every airport customer benefits from our huge portfolio of individual components and overall concepts. For example, we build an intelligent bridge between security and air conditioning systems for our customers. Or we design - together with other Siemens operating groups - energy concepts that are ideally coordinated with power supplies. Or we configure baggage handling systems that are coupled with the latest security systems and reliably convey luggage to and from the aircraft.



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