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The FiberPatrol® Remote Alarm Management System (FPRAMS) is a network-based software platform for enterprise-wide perimeter security integration and alarm management. 
FPRAMS seamlessly integrates FiberPatrol intrusion detection systems with video surveillance and third party sensors, and provides alarm notifications and automation of security policies.
FPRAMS is based on a Server-Client architecture that permits multiple protected sites to be monitored from one or several central locations simultaneously. 
The FPRAMS Server is a database-driven Windows® service program that logs alarm reports from remote sites, implements automatic alarm handling policies, and issues notifications to client stations.
The client software is a standard Windows® application that subscribes to the server and provides a convenient graphical operator interface for monitoring and administration.
FPRAMS executes automated camera selection, PTZ preset activation, and DVR recording upon alarm. 
An operator is presented with active site maps, live security video, and on-screen PTZ controls. 
Playback of previously recorded alarm videos is also easily managed through the FPRAMS interface.
The access rights of an operator station can range from passive monitoring only to global system control, depending on credentials.
The FiberPatrol® Remote Alarm Management System represents the next generation of security administration software.
Based on cutting-edge networking and database technologies, FPRAMS features robust architecture, connectivity, and expandability.
The system combines a high degree of behind-the-scenes sophistication with an intuitive user interface that has the familiar look and feel of a standard Windows® application.

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