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syngo DynaCT Cardiac 
New Perspectives in EP - 3D imaging by rotational angiography.
Siemens is revolutionizing EP workflow by introducing syngo® DynaCT Cardiac, which enables CT-like imaging of the heart with an angiocardiographic system during the procedure.
A medical industry first, syngo DynaCT Cardiac enhances your diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities by enabling you to visualize the left atrium and pulmonary veins in 3D, in the EP lab. Thus, syngo DynaCT Cardiac has a potential to replace pre-procedural CT or MR imaging.

syngo DynaCT Cardiac with InSpace EP 

  • Enables confident planning of complex ablation procedures through visualizing the actual state of the heart's anatomy in the EP lab 
  • Improves orientation and catheter guidance through intra-procedural 3D imaging of the heart
  • Has the potential to save time and cost if used instead of pre-procedural CT sc



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